29 October 2007

Blog Addict Finds Help

If you're like me, you browse your friends blogs all the time, hoping to see something new. I found a GREAT tool to simplify that process.

If you use Mozilla Firefox (which I recommend over Internet Explorer, anyway), you can download an application called Sage to check your blogs for you! Install it, then go to your favorite blogs, click on Bookmark this Page in your toolbar, and then in the dropdown menu, use the folder called Sage Feeds.

When you install Sage, you'll see a green feather/leaf on your Firefox toolbar. When you click on the feather, it looks up all of your blogs for you and tells you which ones have been updated by putting them in bold.

Yay for shortcuts!

1 comment:

Leigh Anne said...

Love this idea and also feel so blessed that Colin's blog is one that you keep tabs on! Hope you are doing wonderful and agree that hopefully we can cross paths in StL (maybe holidays??? :)
Love much, Leigh Anne and Colin