07 October 2007

Good Things, Bad Things

I got to see my seminary roommate, Erin, and her family this week. I made a 3-day trip to California, and it was fantastic rest. Erin and I are really great friends, and I miss her very much. California is too far away. And now that she has this little sweetie, it makes it even harder!

For Miles' birth,I bought Erin a sling. Sharon helped me to choose one, and they both love it. (Thanks for the great advice, Sharon!!) Here are a few pictures of Miles loving his new cuddly carrier:

That little finger sticking out is his pinky finger! We kept trying to tuck his little sleeping hands back in the sling and he kept wrapping them back around the edges. How funny is that?

That's the great news. Here is the less-than-great news.

I am asking you (all 3 of you that read this blog) to pray for Lindsey and Chris Wheeler. They got some devastating news about their adoption on Friday and they are beyond heartbroken. The short answer is that as things stand right now, they will not be able to adopt Xiomara. They are working on the case and praying for some clarity but they really do need our prayers right now. You can visit their blog for the full story here.

This is Lindsey with her daughter, Xiomara; pray that Guatemala will see it that way.


Chris & Lindsey Wheeler said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you Erin for posting this on your blog!! You are such an encouragement to us!! Keep it up!!

Talk to you soon,

Ferris Family said...

Miles is too cute for words!!! Oh my goodness.
And of course, Lindsey and Chris are still in my prayers. My heart is breaking for them!!!!!