26 January 2008

Puppy Play Date

I had Shiloh (of course) and Buck, our Music Minister's dog, at my house last night for several hours. Steve was having a fellowship with the senior adults at his house, and it was going to be quite crowded, so Buck came here to play for a while. He and Shiloh are about 9 or 10 months apart in age and play together very well.

But it was funny to be the only human in the house. Sometimes I wonder what goes through their heads. For about 3 hours, this is all I witnessed out of them:

For the last hour of the evening, this is most of what I saw:

Toys and dogs strewn about the floor. I think they wore each other out.


Anonymous said...

Oh, the life of a dog. Sounds good sometimes, doesn't it!


Becca said...

Let me tell you what is going through their heads. "Play, play, play, play." and then "Rest, rest, rest, rest." Similar to the thoughts going through my husband's head.

Peace and Hugs,