15 March 2008

The List

On Tuesday, I had a very long to-do list for this week, and I got most of it finished. It's now 9:45 on Saturday night, and a few things remain on the list. I thought seriously about finishing them up before I went to bed tonight, but I changed my mind.

I changed my mind because I realized I am at peace with this week, and that is a good thing that rarely happens. Often, I am ruled by my to-do list and when I cannot finish it for whatever reason, it frustrates me. On several occasions this week, I have made an intentional decision to leave the list for the sake of something better.

An extra night of yoga.
An amazing conversation with a new friend.
Encouragement and support from an old friend.
Paint under my fingernails and laughter in my heart.
A toddler in my lap while the Whos and Horton learned to believe in one another.
Things to think about.
A good book.
And a single burning candle.

This week, I am throwing out the list.
And that feels very, very good.

Maybe it has been the constant reflection on Holy Week, the preparation, the transformations happening in our church building, the research, the writing, and the rehearsals. Maybe it has been the Spirit at work. Maybe it is the weather. Maybe it is a little bit of all of them. Regardless, this week has been both invigorating and peaceful. Because of the way this week has gone, I am eager for tomorrow to arrive and Holy Week to begin. I am ready to throw myself headlong into the journey of Jesus from the manger to the cross to the tomb. I am ready to live again the story I've heard every year for 31 years. It is a story of mystery and grace.

It involves people.

And none of those things were on my list.

These are the things that should consume my life.
These are the things that make life worth getting out of bed in the morning.
These are the things that I need.

I will choose to be bound by these, rather than by a list.


Tim said...

Wow, wow, wow...very powerful thanks so much for sharing.

heather said...

Just wow.
What a great list and reflection of the "better" things you did last week. It's so easy to let those things slip of off our "lists". It's humbling to look at how our lists would compare with Jesus'. Thank you for sharing such an amazing reminder for priorities and the busyness we often choose to keep in our lives...