01 April 2008

The Problem with the Post Office

I ordered some new yoga shirts about a week ago. They still haven't arrived (from Louisville, KY) so I tracked the package today on the Post Office website. My shirts, which I could have driven to Louisville to get in about 3 hours, have now traveled from Shepherdsville, KY to Grove City, OH to Earth City, MO to Hazelwood, MO back to Earth City, MO back to Hazelwood, MO to Hazelwood, MO (location 2), and are now Enroute from Hazelwood, though the site does not say to where.

No wonder my package to Guatemala (in September) got returned (about 3 weeks ago)...


Becca said...

And think about the wasted gas and extra pollution to drive those shirts around the country and back! Next time just drive to Louisville and get them - Ella and I will meet you there!

Peace and Hugs,

Tim said...

Sheesh, that is just crazy.