15 May 2008

Bring the Rain

I have been reading this blog. This family has been through more than I ever care to imagine. And their faith is not like my faith. Yes, we have a common thread, a common God, even a common language. But we live it very differently.

And yet, I learn so much from Angie every time I look to her page. Perhaps the most profound, though, was the day she talked about the title of her blog, about how it worked for her.

Today the chilly spring rain mirrors my mood. Much has gone on this week that has tugged at the strings of my heart. Some have pulled gently, others have yanked to the point of pain. It has been a week full of the rain. I don't face horrendous storms that rock the very foundations of our lives like Angie and her family. I face the gentle drizzle that nourishes the earth but leaves the air feeling sticky and thick.

And so it is with my soul.
I am learning to say to God, "Bring the rain."

My Buddhist brothers and sisters would say that we begin with the first of the Noble Truths: "Life is suffering." They work from this point to understand how to cope and how to detach from the suffering, finding the greater good in it.

Angie does the same.

Please don't hear me calling my life miserable right now; it is anything BUT miserable. My life is actually going quite well. This morning I am just aware that the problems we face have things to teach us, and that is difficult for me. I don't like it. I want to do as I want to do with this shower - I want to curl up in my bed and listen to the rain, while I stay all nestled in, safe and dry under the covers. But that isn't life. The rain comes. The suffering comes. And we must learn to embrace it.

So today, I am taking my tiny little concerns and offering them up in the words of a few people sharing this journey with me.

I start again at the beginning: Life is suffering.
Bring the Rain, Lord; bring the rain.

And now I will walk within those truths. I will embrace this day for what it is. I cannot change it. I can only trust that this is the path for me.

Bring the rain, Lord...
Bring the rain.

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Becca said...

Oh, I want to hug you right now.
Praying... Bring the Rain.

Peace and Hugs,