18 May 2008

Nourishing Rain

The rains have been good for my soul this week. A difficult week has ended with a near-perfect weekend. Friday night I had a whole new experience in another cultural practice that I found so interesting and rewarding. If you want to know the details, ask me. It would be far too hard to explain here.

Saturday I spent with wonderful friends, in the sunshine, beautifying their play yard for their hilariously amazing (almost) 2 year old daughter. We laughed, we sweat, we soaked up the sun, and had a great time. I then went out and bought a few plants for my own backyard.

Today was Jamie's first Sunday back. We celebrated 15 years of his ministry at Immanuel. We also honored our graduates - 18 of them this year, which is a huge class for us! These kids are phenomenally talented, gifted people who have the ability to do huge things in this world. I look forward to watching them develop into their adult selves.

And then I spent the afternoon planting those plants. I'm working on a bit of an Asian feel in part of my yard, and I'm excited to get the rest of the plants in the ground, hopefully on Tuesday. When it's ready, I'll post pictures.

The rain has nourished my soul, allowing this weekend to bloom full of light and hope. Tomorrow begins a new week at my desk, and I anticipate good things.

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