02 June 2008

May Spending Strike ReCap

Per Heather's request, I wanted to give you a little recap on how my spending strike went in May. I have tried this project before, and I think I was better at it at other points in my life. This month I had earmarked some money to work in my yard and planned to spend that money, regardless of my strike.

The problem for me was that I found it difficult to stop. When I gave it up for Lent last year, I gave it all up. That was easier.

But, like Heather mentioned in her blog, it's a good discipline because it causes me to stop and think about how I spend my money. Occasionally, this is a great exercise for me, and I try to remember to practice it at least once a year.

The hardest part for me is eating out. Living alone, dinners out with friends are more than the convenience of not cooking. They're social time, a chance to feel like I actually have a life and people who care about it. I did more eating out this month than I intended, but I was pretty good about just avoiding the drive thrus and eating for convenience. To the best of my memory, I only did that one time - I was running errands for work, and I was HOT so I went to steak and shake and got a shake - they're one of my favorite treats! I even managed to avoid "happy hour" at Sonic. I do love their cranberry juice slush!

Again, a good practice overall. Now I just have to decide what June's covenant will be. Since it is now the 2nd, I guess I better start figuring that out.


Pete said...

I'm sure you'll come up with something noble.

Becca said...

Erin - you're inspirational. I can't keep from buying shiny jewelry. Isn't that awful??

Check your calendar for the 26th-29th of June - Greta Jo and Carson are on their way!! We can have a pre-trip party!

I also sent you an email today about the possibility of switching your flights to ours. It might be hard, but possible.

Peace and Hugs,

Sharon said...

Another local blogger here. Funny how you can get from Guatemala to KY.

Greta Jo said...

I agree with Bec- you're inspirational. I too have trouble with spending. I love to shop...and shop....and shop, and it needs tos stop. LOL.

I am looking forward to meeting you!