07 August 2008

What Did YOU Do Tonight?

I skipped yoga tonight to accomplish a few things. Ever since vacation last week, I have been horribly behind - as in, the house has taken over! Today I had had enough. So I skipped yoga and started with the mowing of the back yard. Then I decided to trim, as well. When I finished the yard, I decided to tackle the inside. Here are the before pictures:

How are THOSE pictures for honesty, Jodie? Yes, I have been an absolute slob since I got back from the lake. But I've had SO much fun since then, and that has been an amazing release. More on that in a future post.

Anyway, 2 hours later, I had mowed and trimmed, and done this:

But just so no one thinks I'm SuperWoman, I leave you with ...

THE BANE OF MY EXISTENCE ... the laundry!

Maybe I'll get to that on Saturday.
Or maybe I'll just leave it there.


Tim said...

Mmmmm....Ironing. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

I love! keeping laundry really clean. I try extreme measures on stains and stuff...and...I have been known to throw ALL my clothes in the wash, if you know what I mean :) I am not trying to make you feel bad cause I sure can't hold a candle to you in the whirlwind clean-up you did all around the house and yard! In fact, washing things is often a procrastination move for me.

I know I have checked your blog before when I discovered your wonderful comments on Angie's "Bring the Rain." What a woman she is!)

The Lord must have planned for me to find you again today. Just yesterday, I made the devil's food/pumpkin muffins that I read about a couple months ago! I divided the box of cake mix in half cause I didn't know what size can of pumpkin to use. I see that the ratio would be a large can of pumpkin for one box of cake. They were a BIG hit!! Thanks.

Just in case this won't take my password, I'll let you know that I am not really "anonymous." I am Michal (Hebrew woman's name) of Lake Forest Park WA in the Seattle area.

Love in the Lord, Michal Ann