11 March 2009

Have You Eaten Today?

Because much of the world hasn't.

For Lent, I gave up pressing the snooze button in the morning. Those extra 10 minutes (or 30) have allowed me the time to slow my morning pace a little, including time for a decent breakfast. As I sat at my table this morning, eating my Rice*Krispies with fruit and milk, enjoying the flavor of some finally fresh berries, I realized how grateful I am for them.

There I sat enjoying the variety of rich flavors on a morning set aside to recognize a crisis facing our world. Today is Global Food Crisis Day. It is the day Compassion International has set aside to recognize the hungry and the lack of food in the world. It is a day for raising funds to help. It is the day to remember.

So when you're munching away today, remember those who aren't.
If you can, give.
If you can't, pray.

Oh and today would be a great day to go ahead and sponsor a child, rescuing them from the poverty that prevents them from eating.

Whatever you do, don't forget them.

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