03 March 2009


They're all back. All my widgets, my blogroll, everything. I don't know how they disappeared and I certainly don't know how they're back, but it looks like everything is functioning normally again. Yay!

On the right, you'll notice a new widget:


Earth Hour is one hour that is honored globally on March 28 at 8:30 p.m. Eastern Time. It's that hour where people turn off all of their electricity for an hour in honor of caring for the earth. Since I intended to do a post-a-day in February and got derailed, this is my new plan.

Starting on Earth Hour day (March 28), you will see a short little Creation Care post every day until Earth Day (April 22). That's 26 days of intentionally doing my part (and encouraging you) to save the creation we've been given. They'll be simple things; I won't be asking you to start your own non-profit or anything. Just consider the difference we could make if for 26 days none of us used plastic grocery bags. Or how much healthier we'd feel if we only ate fresh vegetables, not frozen or canned ones. Changing our patterns takes 21 days, so 'they' say. I'm giving the earth 26 days in March and April.

Look for the widget and look for simple things you can do to join me on this journey of saving the world for our kids.

It's good to be back.

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