02 April 2009

EH2ED #5

I just recently learned this one:
Do you turn the hot water on when you wash your hands?
Do you wait for it to get warm or do you just go ahead and wash them, but it never really gets hot?

Every time you turn on the hot water, it drains the water heater. Even if that hot water never gets out of the pipes.
So when you turn it on, you're emptying the hot water from the water heater and that's using extra energy. If you're going to USE the hot water, that's fine. But if you don't need it, go for the cold. It'll save a little energy.


Pete said...

Fill up the dogs bowl with the cold, then you have warm water for your hands;). I went from being a tight to being energy savvy, how hip is that.

Pete said...

Tight wad, my bad.