31 March 2009

EH2ED #4

Today I ask you to do one simple thing. Well, two I guess.
Watch this.
And think about it.

Maybe today isn't the day we make a change. But maybe today is the day we start planning that change.

It's 20 minutes long, so find the time when you can sit down and soak it in.

As Christians, care of the earth is part of what we need to do. God has loaned us the land - it is God's land. We need to respect the fact that we're just borrowing it for a while. You'd never trash someone's house while you were house sitting; in fact, you'd take extra measure to clean it, to be sure everything was right when your friend came home. I may never understand why we can't do the same with this planet.

But there's more to it.
There are people.
Children of God. Our brothers and sisters. Some of them quite literally children. And they're hurting because of the way we live.

Please take 20 minutes and think about this.
And then get on your knees and beg the Landlord for forgiveness.

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Becca said...

Just sending you some love, my friend!