13 June 2009


I've been thinking today about gratitude.

With the day to myself, it's been restorative. I've had the chance to recover from the last two stressful weeks, to reconnect with a few friends I've neglected, to read, to get a little needed shopping done (though all I bought was a Cardinals Tee and a birthday gift - not exactly what I needed), and to take care of a few MUCH-needed cleaning tasks around the house.

In the midst of all of that, I've been reminded that my life is immensely rich.
And it's almost completely because of the people who love me.
Grace and mercy are shown to me every single day, and I try to return the favor.

But I'm not as good as I'd like to be at it.

And so I've decided that I am going to take some time over the next two weeks or so (maybe 3 or 4, depending on how well it goes) and tell you.
Not here on the blog.
Not in e-mail form.
Not in a text message.

Nope, I'm doing it the way I do it best.
I'm going to write letters.
Personal letters.
Not a Hallm@rk card that I just sign.
A letter - in my own handwriting.
Letters to people who have made my life richer and who have made me a better woman.
The only exception I'm allowing is if I don't have a physical address for you. In that case, you may get an e-mail.

I won't do one for every person I know because that would make them less personal.
But just know that if a letter shows up in your mailbox (not your inbox) from me, it's because I love you.
It's because you have shaped me.
It's because you're special to me and I don't tell you enough.

It's because I want to live a life of gratitude.

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