01 June 2009


Thanks to Jodie, I spent a day "Unplugged."

She had this great idea to unplug for a day. Turn off the TV, turn off the internet, set aside the work, and go DO something with the people you love.

So I took a day off.
I knew it would be late July before I had an opportunity to take another vacation day, and I haven't taken one since December, so I took Friday off and spent the day with some of my favorite people.

See ....

From 8:30 until about 3:00, I didn't touch a television or the computer. I met Amanda at the park with nothing but my camera. Her kids (she's a nanny; they're not all hers) and I played for a little over 3.5 hours. We had lunch, we climbed, we ran, we took silly pictures, we "swinged on the swings" a thousand and one times, we giggled, we played a little soccer .... You name it, we did it.

And it was so good for my soul.

Between the pictures Tate (the oldest), Caroline (the watermelon shirt), and I took, we topped out at over 100. I came home that night and edited them, storing the ones I loved and deleting the ones I could do without. That part clearly wasn't "unplugged," but it was emotional "unplugging" for me. I never take the time to edit my pictures the way I enjoy. To have them all ready, finished, and to my liking (as much as I'm able to do) in the same day they were taken was a real treat.

Man, I love to be outside.
I love the park.
I love kids.
I love THESE kids.

Unplugging is so good.
Thanks, Jodie!

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