14 July 2009


I've always been a "glass is half-full" kind of girl.
And lately I've been seeing the glass not only as half-empty, but as being half empty because it spilled all over and made a huge mess I have to clean up.

I don't like that me.
It's not who I really am.
It's me being dictated by a sense of powerlessness.
Which isn't true.

So today, (or tonight, I guess) I will see the glass as half-full.

Tonight I am grateful for
* late night silence that feels welcoming not smothering
* baby giggles
* a 2-year old in "big girl panties" for the first time.
* 24 hours to spend with my family tomorrow
* doubling our ministerial staff in town
* and the promise of Hope.

It's the Hope that I seem to have lost.
I will regain it.
It begins today.

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Greta Jo said...

E, Get a ticket and come with us on Wednesday to Guatemala. Come on, E. I miss you so much. How about taking a road trip to NJ soon?