24 September 2009

Feed the Hungry or the Starving?

I've spent a good bit of my morning researching in preparation for World Hunger Month in October.

One of the facets of my job is that I am Minister of Missions, and today that part has taken front-and-center-stage as I look to October and plan our work here in Paducah that will minister around the world.

I'm attempting to choose between working with the incredibly hungry and neglected Karamajong people through Amazima Ministries or working with the country that has been my second home.  My heart cries out for the people of Guatemala on a daily basis, and right now they're starving.

But that is "MY" passion, and I want my work today to reflect what I believe needs to be the passion of this congregation.

So how do you choose?

Do you feed the hungry in Uganda?
Or do you feed the starving in Guatemala?
They both need our resources.
They both need our attention.
They both need the Light of the World as well as the seed of the Earth.

Choosing both is not the option in this case.  We have designed this year's month to focus on educating ourselves about one hunger problem in the world.  We'll spend 4 Sundays exploring the problems, the stumbling blocks, and the reasons it has become a problem.  We'll spend 4 Sundays talking about what we can do.

You know where MY heart is.
Please pray that we - collectively as a staff - make a wise decision about where to help this October.


Marlene said...

Please do come with us. We need all the help we can get.

SpeasHill said...

Can't make a bad decision - you help people who desparately needs it and educate your people either way. Focus on that side of it and don't sweat it!

Marlene said...

Have you thought anymore about coming to Guatemala with us in December?
I hope so!
Have a great week!