24 February 2010

Thoughts on Being Lost

I don't usually blog about television, but last night's LOST episode had me replaying scenes and freeze-framing spots to try to figure things out. This morning, I have some thoughts and I just had to join in the conversation.

1. Love me some Hurley. How cool was he this week? Some personal favorite lines: "I'm a Candidate. Why don't YOU go back to the courtyard?" "Very old school, man." "I just lied to a samurai."

2. Claire. It's clear to me that we're supposed to see her the same way we saw Rousseau. Yeah, I get that. But does anyone else find her hard to believe as the craziest one on the island? I'm not sure if it's the British accent or her minuscule size, but yeah, I'm not buying it. That is, until she threw an axe into an innocent guy's heart. And who taught her to stitch up a wound like that? (perhaps her father?)

3. Reflections. Did you notice how many there were this time? Jack in the mirror at home, Jacob gazing into the Siloam-like pool, David's pictures on the mirror, the lighthouse wheel.

4. WHO THE HECK IS COMING TO THE ISLAND? I have some options:
Desmond (though I can't figure out why he would be),
Widmore (because he hasn't shown up in a while and we don't really have any resolve of his story line),
Eloise (this is my guess because the lighthouse wheel looks so much like the image on the floor of her lab/house/study/chambers/lair.
The only problem with Eloise is that Jacob says, "HE'LL find another way to get here." One other option I've considered is that perhaps Walt is on his way. How many times in his tenure on the show did people mention that he was special? Or that he had a gift? (Hmmm.... sort of like Dagon says of Jack's son.)

Ok, and here's the icing on my LOST cupcake for the week.
On the lighthouse wheel, we see"Kwon" (a bunch of crossed out names) "15 Ford" "16 Jarrah" (a bunch of crossed out names) "23 Shepard". Jack is 23. It's his number.

4,8,15,16,23,42. Six numbers, Oceanic Six. Including Sayid, Jack, and Kwon. If that's the case "Kwon" isn't Jin; it's Sun. The only problem with my theory is that Sawyer wasn't a part of the Oceanic Six. Any thoughts on this?

The other question it begs is "who will be left?" If these are candidates, which of the numbers will become whatever/whoever they are candidates "for"? I foresee a lot of death this season.


Diane said...

I don't think the six are the "Oceanic 6" as in the ones who escaped from the island. The names in the cave - confirmed on the lighthouse wheel, were Jarrah, Shepherd, Locke, Sawyer, Kwon and Reyes, which makes me think Kwon is Jin, not Sun (all men). Sawyer didn't leave the island, nor did Jin.

Apparently, a screen cap showed #108 as "Wallace" - crossed out, i think. Was this a ruse to get Jack to think? When Jacob said someone was coming to the island, and he needed Hurley to help bring him there, was Jacob refering to an emergence of a "new" Jack, one who understands his relationship to the island, and firm in his new role as protector?

the J in PJs Til Noon said...

The lighthouse did remind me of the Lamp post. I think that's what it was called. I do remember it having a Lion/Witch/Wardrobe-y name.

Erin said...

I stand corrected, Diane. I looked at the list I found here: http://lostpedia.wikia.com/wiki/Candidates#Known_candidates

If you look at the second list, it'll give you the names on the wheel.

I still think, though, that somehow Sun has a role here. I think that Jin has been such a vital part of the story lately to throw us off.

I FULLY expected when I saw the long list to find Walt's name on there, but it's not (Walt's last name is Lloyd, btw.).

And yes, J, it's called the Lamp Post; thanks for the reminder!

everydayMOM said...

I think #108 will be Desmond... especially because he had to push that button every 108 minutes.

Bay said...

Oh so Jacob did say "he'll" find a way? Because it would be great if it was Eloise.
I think that even if there is a lot of blood shed on the island this season, that the flash sideways is actually the end reality for our Losties. I mentioned that in my recap :)

jubilee said...

Dogen and Jack meeting in the sideways reality was such a stretch for me, and I am still unsure as to why they felt the need to have Dogen there and at that particular time.

I agree: the more Hurley, the better the episode! Him telling Dogen to go back to the courtyard was awesome and Dogens capitulation once he found out Hurley was a candidate, was priceless.

Claire is so far gone that I am just tired of her and the Aaron storyline already. I guess I assumed that Aaron was a red herring and just never considered it to be much of a contributing source of material.

Good eye in noticing all the reflections! I hadn't noticed. Glad you did and shared that tid bit.

Enjoyed your recap! (Found you via Rocks in My Dryer, BTW)