05 April 2010

Dark Days and Brighter Hope

If you read the archives of this blog you know that the past year or 18 months have had some pretty dark days. You know that I had days where my heart was in pieces. You know that so often I left the details of the problems out. I did it for several reasons. The biggest was that I was working for a church and I didn't want everyone there to know the depths of my darkness. But the other reason was because sometimes it's just too hard to name it. To state it. To claim that life is darkness. Because to claim the darkness is to admit that there may not be light in the future.

I have come through those days. If you see me in person and ask how I am, a smile will usually spread across my face and I will respond with "I am doing really well. How are you?" It is because I have known the dark days that the hope on this side seems even brighter. The smile is genuine. The statement is not the standard answer "I'm good" that we so often pass on to one another. I really AM good. And I'm soaking in it like the first warm sunshine of the spring.

The journey from darkness to light that I have recently tread and the nature of my job have softened my heart to others walking their own dark days. Today I was pointed to a woman named Sheri (not My Sheri)who is struggling. Her body and her career have betrayed her and the more she tries to regain control, the further it seems to slip from her grasp. This week she asked for help.

Initially I went to her page because I wanted to enter her contest. But I clicked the link where she asked for help (above) and I heard myself in her words. I heard the fear, the frantic frustration, the hopelessness, and the tears she undoubtedly sheds. I've known that darkness and I know how the simple "I'm praying" comments made such a difference.

So now I'm asking you to do that again. Do it for Sheri. You did it for me, and it changed my life. Will you do it for her, too? And hey! You might just win a camera for taking a minute to support someone else.

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Its So Very Cheri said...

I just found your blog and look forward to getting to know you better. I will follow along and sure hope you will do the same.