09 April 2010

How a Little Thing Can Change a World

It cost them $499.

Money they could have spent on themselves.
Or their (nearly) 5 children.

Or they could have given it to Compassion, one of the ministries they love.
But they didn't.
They bought an iPad instead.

And now they're giving it away.

When I read that, my first instinct was to say, "They should have just given the money to Compassion. Surely that would make better sense."

But Jennifer is smart! And she turned it into a contest instead. She hoped it would bring in $2,000, maybe, for Compassion's Child Survival Program.

To date, they've raised over $17,000!!!!

Their $499 turned into $17,000 for children and mothers most at risk in Compassion areas. They could have changed a life or two with their $499. Instead, they are changing an entire program worth of kids and moms.

Do you want to help?
Do you want to win an iPad?

I don't get extra entries for doing this.
I don't even care about the iPad; I probably wouldn't use it anyway.

But I do love the work of Compassion, and I am beyond excited about what God will be able to do when we all come together. Their contest closes at midnight, eastern time, tonight (Friday). And you have to enter through their website in order to be added into the total we're giving.

So here's the link again.

For whatever reason motivates you,
give a little to this powerful event.

Together we can change the lives of countless kids and moms.

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