05 May 2010

National Bike Month, Volume 2

A few facts to motive you (and me) to ride this month:
  • Cycling burns 600 calories an hour
    On a bicycle you can travel 3 times faster than you can walk, for the same amount of energy.
  • On a bicycle you can travel up to 2577.5 miles on the energy equivalent of a single gallon of gasoline. (that's some SERIOUS mpgs!)
  • Twenty bicycles can be parked in the same space taken up by one car.
  • Cycling is great exercise: leisurely cycling (around 12 mph) burns calories at the same rate as very brisk walking (faster than 4mph)
*Facts taken from the University of Aberdeen.

1 comment:

Greta Jo said...

let's go bike riding together. I am sure we would talk and laugh the whole time. sounds like so much fun.
I miss you so much E. I pray for you often.