13 August 2010

Eight Days

I can't believe I have a wedding to attend in 8 days....

And it's MINE!

Sorry for the absenteeism lately; I was doing so much better. But whoever in American culture decided that planning the biggest party of your life, moving, and planning a giant vacation all to happen in the same week was OFF HIS ROCKER!

It'll be a small little outdoor ceremony.
(Please, God, let it not be 115* heat index!)
And a big huge come-and-go reception.

Then the fun begins.

Chris and I are taking a 10 day honeymoon that will include:
5 cities (6 if you include Nashville, the origination city for the flights)
4 Major League Baseball Stadiums
1 Hall of Fame
Countless sights
Tons of pictures
Amazing memories.

I'm looking forward to sharing the pictures and stories here as soon as I can. In the meantime, I'm reading your blogs but haven't been writing on my own. I have just a little on my plate! ;)


Katie said...

So excited for you!!! Have a really great day and amazing trip!!

Deb said...

I'm so excited for you and hope the coming week is full of joy and free from stress!!! I know I don't comment often, but I read regularly.

I was thinking that some of my reflections post-wedding might be helpful, I know some are irrelevant, but others might be helpful and there might be some time to make it work....


blessings on you both!