16 August 2010

What's Left

5 sleeps
3 days of work (really more like 2 1/2)
16 things to buy at the store
2 suitcases to pack
1 rehearsal
1 near-miss on a hair appointment (more on that below)
1 best friend
1 family
1 little girl
Tons of friends

I absolutely cannot wait for Saturday. It's a rare occasion when all of the people you love (or most of them, at least!) merge in one room with you. I know that by Saturday night this Introvert will be absolutely wiped out, but Saturday afternoon is going to be wonderful. I get to share circles of people with one another, introduce Chris and Ella to people they know in stories, hug on some dearly-loved friends, show off the prettiest dress ever, and enjoy being in that place.

For once in my life.

I'm not stressed about Saturday at all. I'm not nervous, I'm not feeling pressured to get things finished, I'm not overwhelmed. I'm just looking forward to the day.

I want to soak it up.
I want to remember the moments that capture my heart.
I want to SEE the people who love us as they connect to one another.
I want to laugh.
I want to smile until my jaw hurts.
And I want to remember it all.

I am sure that things will go "wrong" on Saturday. But I don't care.
If the arrangements are sloppy, so be it - they're going to die on Sunday, anyway.
If the food runs out, I'm not going to worry - we'll have less distraction.
If it's 500 degrees, I'll sweat - but I won't worry because Photoshop fixes a lot!
If it rains, I'll enjoy the fact that not everyone gets rainy-day wedding photos and mine will be unique.

I just get this one life.
And in this one life, I just get this one day.

I want to love it.

If you're anywhere near us, come by the reception on Saturday. The info is on my facebook page. I mean it. We intentionally opened the reception up to anyone who wanted to attend. We'd love to see you!


The McPhee Family said...

Dearest Erin, I wish we could be there ... know that we will be praying for and celebrating with you from afar! Much love is being sent your way!

A.B. said...

more details about when you got engaged? Who is Chris? TELL ME MORE!