19 August 2010

Thankful Thursday

This week I'm thankful for (and want to remember!) so many things. Like:

  • how the hairdresser canceled on me at the last minute. Monday I had an email saying he wouldn't be able to style my hair or Sheri's. I called a friend, who happened to know a great stylist. She got me in, Sheri too, and I feel MUCH more comfortable with her than I did the original. I'm thankful for that canceled appointment.
  • how Chris isn't currently working. Seriously! He has been amazing this week. While I have been at work, he's baked about 30 dozen cookies (you think I'm joking!), moved my furniture, mailed thank you notes, shopped with me, shopped FOR me, planned (literally) the honeymoon of our dreams, and still managed to re-glaze a tub in his spare time. Sorry girls, but he's taken! :)
  • a little girl who got sick today. Ella's mom called; she threw up at school this morning. Immediately I went into a panic. What if we get it!? What do you do if you have 200 guests, a huge dress, and one bathroom? But Chris and I talked, and he reminded me that this often happens to Ella when she's under stress. She had to leave school, so she's coming a few hours earlier. Whether it's a bug or stress, I'm thankful for those extra hours.
  • two year old Olivia! This time two years ago I was sitting in a hospital room with the most incredible gift in the world. After three boys, Sheri got her princess. And she's definitely a princess! I'm so thankful that her mom is leaving her on her birthday to come help with the wedding.
  • incredible parents. This weekend, I have six of them! And every last one of them has gone above and beyond to make the little bumps in the road fun rather than stressful. I love you guys!
  • being exhausted from answering the same question over and over again. The most frequently heard question in the past two weeks has been, "What can I do to help?" I'm so beyond grateful for the fatigue that comes from delegating rather than from being frazzled.
  • financial peace. Not the study, the actual thing. Selling my house was a HUGE relief. Working out our insurance the way we did helped even more. Today, I'm thankful for the opportunity to let go of some financial worries.
  • Heather. Without your input, I'm not sure I would have come across this song that has become the very center of what Saturday will be. Thank you!
It's an incredible day.
48 hours from right this minute I will be someone's wife.
And in that I find deep peace.


heather said...

I've been thinking of you all week.
And smiling for you. :)

Greta Jo said...

OMG! I am so sorry I will not be there. You are going a beautiful bride ;).
I wish you have best day ever!!!!
Love you so much.

Oh a phillies game?! We are a hour a way.... hmmmm