01 December 2010

The Engagement

A few weeks ago a friend who was not able to be at the wedding commented to me that she hadn't seen or heard anything about it. Why hadn't I blogged? I guess the time just got away from me and I moved to other topics on this page. My apologies!!! Over the next few days I will post some stories and pictures from some of the most incredible days of my life. I hope you enjoy (and that you're not mad I waited over 3 months!).



June 16. (Is that right, Chris?)

It was HOT!!!

But he knew what he wanted to do, and I suspected what was to come. We had talked at length about engagement, wedding dates, a move (from one of our houses to the other), putting houses on the market, and so many other things.

The August 21st date was getting closer.
I had a dress already.
So did mom and Sheri and Annie.
Our remaining days with Ella were limited.
Chris was leaving for camp.
I knew it had to be soon.

"Let's go for a bike ride," he said.
Having completed 100 miles in May, this was not uncommon for us.

"I'll have to go home and get my bike. Should I meet you at the park?"

"Yes. I'd like to ride the Greenway trail."

So would I, dear heart.... so would I.

The Greenway had become a special place for us.
It's a nature trail between two parks, designed for running, walking, and biking.
It's the only true "green space" in this town that we both love.

By the time I got home, I was pretty sure what he was up to.
So I might have put my phone in my pack, just in case I needed it.
For emergencies.
Of course.

We rode to the end, where we always stop to let Ella get a drink (and us too when it's that hot!).
"Can we stop now, Daddy?"

"No, let's ride a little more. We'll stop in a minute."

That's when I knew.

We got to the most beautiful part of the whole ride, the bridge over the creek.
The water was low, but still deep enough to be flowing.
We stood on the bridge with Ella, tossing rocks of different sizes into the water, listening to them splash.

Ella wandered a way a little bit.

"It's so gorgeous here," I said.

"Can we go now, Daddy!? I want to ride!"

"In a minute, Ella."

"I'm glad you love this spot, because I have a question for you."

"You do?" I faked surprise with a glint in my eye.

He is on one knee, holding the ring we had chosen together, now even more breathtaking sitting in that box in his gentle hand.

"Will you marry me, Erin?"

With all of my mind I wanted to tease him with a comment such as, "I thought you'd never ask!" But my heart was captivated by him, this place, the ring, and "my" girl in the background.

I touched his face, waited just a breath, "Absolutely."

Months later I tremble at the thought of that moment.
The very first step in a lifetime of journey.
In that second he became my husband, my lifelong partner.

I avoid the word "Absolutely" now quite often.
I choose another.
Absolutely is our word.
It brings up for me that moment, that look, that thin place in this world.
The place where my husband, daughter, and I danced with the holy.

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