29 November 2010


Look there!
On the horizon,
Is that not the rising of the sun?

Watch for its coming,
The Light of the world.

holy experience

The day begins.
I am nervous.
This First is not one, but many:
My first Advent in this place,
My first as a parent
My first as a wife
My first as Minister to these children
My first to lead them.

I approach tenuously, afraid of making a mistake,
afraid of being called out,
afraid of messing up a long-standing tradition,
afraid of upsetting the kids,
afraid of failing myself.

It goes smoothly.
The kids do a great job.
Everyone is pleased.

Still my heart is heavy.
Choices much larger than ornaments and flowers have loomed today.
Did I make them well?

And then I hear the whisper:
Look there!
On the horizon!

Who will you seek today?

I am transformed.
The Light of the World will be my guide.

A church full of children, thrilled to be helping beautify the worship space

Grace for mistakes made and lessons learned

Flowing dresses on little girls, beaming

Little boys in their best, feeling bigger, more responsible

An artificial dove "flying" down the aisle - a reminder of how we all want to live, but are too embarrassed

Conviction in my own lesson taught to children

Admitting my own sin

The power of "I'm sorry"

Knowing it is just 5 days until she returns to us

Preparing my heart to follow the star



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