03 December 2010

Once Upon a Time There Was a Wedding

And what a perfect wedding it was!

Chris and I had set a wedding date before we were ever engaged. When you're working with someone like Ella's mom, you have to. There's no flexibility, and it was absolutely critical to us that Ella be there. We wanted her more than "there." We wanted her to be a significant part of it.

She calls it "our wedding."
And she's right; it was "our" wedding.

When I promised her daddy I'd love him forever, I promised her the same thing.
She's not an optional accessory in this relationship.
She's my "daughter" as much with the quotes as she would be without them.
She had to be there.

So we chose August 21st.

We chose simple.

It became quite elegant.

In retrospect, I couldn't have planned the day I got if I had tried. It would never have been my vision. But every day since we got the prints back, I look at one picture

and I remember that the wedding was as full of grace, serenity, and love as this image proclaims.

This image captures not the stolen moment of the day.
It captures the whole day.

Haven't had enough pictures? Here's the whole album!

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