23 January 2011

Crossing a Threshold

After a bit of a hiatus from counting, I have missed the time to write. I have noticed Grace around me at all points, but have stepped away from this page for a time of respite. What I have come to realize, though, is that putting my gratitude on the page not only reminds me to count, but it reminds me to say Thank You. Even slowing down long enough to type out the words ushers in yet another prayer to the Giver of Grace. Again I find myself longing to sit still long enough. Long enough to utter my gratitude. Long enough to savor Grace all over again. Long enough to reflect. Long enough to be changed.

So today I begin again. Or I resume. Right where I left off nearly a month ago. And all as new as the snow blanketing my yard.

A daddy with whom to share my birthday

Parents who made the trip to me this year

A celebration of my own birth that lasted two weeks

Standing before canvases before which stood masters centuries ago

Savoring the rich flavors of an incredible Italian meal

A weekend prepared, just for me, by Chris

Time away

Mellow Mushroom

Two different locations of my favorite store in 24 hours


Children who never cease to make me laugh

The youngest of "my kids" singing her praises to God in worship

Watching the church become The Church before my very eyes

A community that believes in an Open Table

The opportunity to live and breathe this life

A new book

Dinner-time discussions with significance and depth

Grace that is changing me

Unspeakable joy




UKZoe said...

A lot of us have taken breaks in the thankfulness journey. I had missed weeks and weeks then came back, then missed last week. Whatever our reasons it is ALWAYS GOOD when we do remember to give thanks, I enjoyed reading your list.

Jennifer said...

Happy birthday!