29 January 2011

The Days are for Counting

Last Saturday night I washed the dishes.
But I didn't just wash them.
I absorbed the moment.

Thanks to Ann, my world is changing.
Or rather, I am changing, tuning my heart to the world that utters Grace.
In her book, Ann talks about the majesty of a soap bubble at length.
That night, with my hands in the bubbles, I added so many things to my list:

103. The food on these plates that nourishes my family

104. The indulgent flavors we are privileged to enjoy

105. The hands that prepared the food we have: from the farmer, to the miller, to the packager, to the salesperson, to the cook, to the server.

106. A grandfather who washed the dishes after every. single. meal.

107. The cups used to hydrate my little girl

108. The words she whispers to me ("I love you more!")

109. The tears that brim in my own eyes when we have to give her back

110. The compassion those tears awaken in me for others in our shoes

The weekend was deliciously full of fun with Ella. I couldn't stop counting the joys, the Gifts of God, the Moments of Grace:

111. The way her eyes light up when she sees us

112. That first tight squeeze after 2 long weeks

113. Medicine that restores

114. A lost hour of sleep in the middle of the night talking to my husband, praying for Ella, and trying to calm her cough

115. Moments when I get to be her mom

116. Her fingers running through my hair

117. How much my love for her dad grows when she is with us

118. Cousins laughing at the same joke repeatedly

119. Little girls in costumes and play make-up

120. Good friends

121. Delicious chili

122. Children with servant hearts

Already I am counting the days until she returns.

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