14 November 2011

Season of Thanks: Day 14

On this Monday, I am grateful for weekends.

This weekend was genuine Sabbath time for me.
Mom was here, and we did lots of "stuff," but we also rested, read, cooked, walked, and moved through the day slowly.

It was a time to catch my breath from the life we've been living since September 30th. I am so glad that the American system has a place for respite built into the rhythm of our lives. I am grateful for the moments when I take advantage of it. I am grateful for worship, laughter, sleep, sunshine, the breeze, a good book, new foods, and the time to enjoy them all.

So often our weekend time becomes just as harried as the rest of our week and we find ourselves sitting at our desk on Monday morning, already ticking off the hours until we can get to the next weekend, only to find ourselves just as busy then.

We are hurrying away our lives.
This weekend I didn't.
I savored it.

And Monday feels like such a better day for having done so.

Thanks, mom, for coming to visit.
Thanks, Chris, for being so great.

My heart is full today.

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