19 November 2011

A Season of Thanks: Day 19

Today I am thankful for a great set of in-laws!

Chris' mom and stepdad are here for a visit, and I enjoy them so much. Today we've shopped, played Barbies, had lunch and cupcakes, made dinner, played at the park, thrown stuff into a creek, climbed on a tank, set up a Christmas tree, and laughed together extensively.

It's been a great day.
I love having family that will travel to see us and to spend time with Ella.

Family is a treasure, whether they are biological or inherited.

Thanks, Neal and Judy, for coming to see us today.
We love you!

P.S. Keaton "powed" his first deer today and called to tell all of us. My hilarious 5 year-old nephew shot a 6 point buck with a crossbow "close to in the belly." He was so proud! Way to go, buddy!

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