23 November 2011

A Season of Thanks: Day 23

Today I am thankful for a wonderful boss.

I got to work this morning to find out that we're closing an hour earlier than was originally planned, which was 2 hours earlier than we're normally open. So instead of having to fight the traffic in Louisville at 4:30, I'll be there between 3 and 3:30, which will make a huge difference in my travel.

She's not just wonderful because of the added hour.
She's a fantastic leader, full of poise and grace.
She's charming and fun, friendly and kind.
She's professional and knows how to handle herself.
She makes the ideal president of a graduate institution.

I love working for her.
And the extra hour makes it even a little bit better.

I can't wait to see my mom, dad, sister, brother-in-law, and nephew tonight.
I'm going to miss Chris immensely this weekend.
Hopefully an hour less driving in the dark will make the distance between us feel less sad.
He's the only family member I got to choose.
I'm glad I chose well!

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