06 February 2012

Joy Dare: Week 5

Five weeks already.
Five weeks without missing one.
A chance to keep searching for God in my midst.

96. Great Puns
97. Frederich Buechner's honesty in story
98. A dinner date with the hubby
99. Hallway laughter among colleagues
100. Ella giggling on the swing
101. Chris' patience and encouragement when mine is lacking
102. Rick Riordan's world of story
103. Molly Harper's hilarious characters
104. Buechner's grace in all words
105. Grass turning green
106. Tiny Legos shared
107. The ache of exercised muscles
108. The blanket-like feel of a cashmere sweater
109. My great-great-grandmother's table
110. Wrapping up in a blanket for a nap
111. The smell of springtime
112. An unexpected neighborhood opossum sighting
113. Walks in the sunshine

After a dreary weekend that felt more like winter than any weekend we've had yet, this morning I am again welcoming the sunshine with the richness only it can bring to my days.

This week is full.
Special Events.
Busy, good, work.
A Special Ordination Service.
Good friends.

I suspect the graces this week will be too numerous to count, and yet, I will continue to put pen to paper. I will continue to look, continue to cherish the moments, continue to serve and love and watch and learn.

I am surrounded by an incredible team in this little family of mine. More than any other grace, they are the one for which I am most grateful. On my worst days, they shine the light of grace into my life, offering love and compassion when I least deserve it. They are my treasure.

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