31 January 2012

Joy Dare: Week 4

A full month of gratitude.
Every day, counting just three.
Three little things for which I am thankful.

Writing them down.
Savoring them.
Finding in myself a new kind of creativity.
A creativity of the eye - a learning to SEE instead of learning to DO.

As January comes to a close, the weather warm and spring-like, I have made it through the darkest part of winter. Despite the January that never felt like true winter, I step into February aware of the lengthening days, reminded that the dark days all have a dawn. December - with the year's longest night - and January - the year's typically coldest month in Kentucky - are a thing of the past.

My heart floods with gratitude for the season that hints even now at its arrival.

71. The light as it strikes Addie's brilliant blue necklace
72. Warm chili on a cold day
73. A challenge to stand in the gap for the oppressed
74. A doctor's wisdom
75. Good medical insurance
76. Having some answers
77. Laughter
78. A week full of chapel services
79. Crisp stars in the clear winter sky
80. A child who calls me "mommy"
81. Laughing with my husband
82. A job I love
83. Honest conversation
84. Flexibility
85. Grace in my shortcomings
86. Rich Mullins' lyrics
87. The reminder to Breathe
88. A full 30 minutes to talk to my Grandmother
89. Jacob's story seen new
90. Old hymns finding new voice
91. The joy of time as a family
92. Kisses from Katie
93. A healthy interaction in a difficult situation
94. Jane
95. Stepping across the threshold into another month of counting

95 moments of gratitude in 31 days.
95 opportunities for the Christ to whisper in my ear
Countless times the whisper went unheard, too busy to notice it.
But for those 95.

95 moments changing me.
95 opportunities to say Thank You.
95 pauses in a busy life.

In the stillness of this moment, I am overcome with the joy I might never have noticed if it were not for The Dare.

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