13 February 2012

Joy Dare Week 6

This is where it always begins now.
A new Monday.
A new chance to count the indescribable graces I find.

Last week was full enough to drink from the Saucer. (more on that later this week)
My cup runneth over with grace upon grace.
Too full to measure, too filling to absorb it all.
This week, I had to sip from the Saucer or risk drowning in grace.

114. A soft red sweater
115. My favorite red mug
116. A comfy red reading chair
117. A broken heart for the orphan
118. The way a hug fixes everything
119. Discounted eBooks
120. Sweet cupcakes
121. Running hugs
122. A tiny puppy
123. Toddler literalism
124. Ella's daddy laughing at her stories
125. Cherry's sense of humor
126. Vacation time
127. Flexible schedules
128. A sense of satisfaction in my work
129. A mantle of responsibility laid upon my shoulders
130. Saying goodbyes to family and dear friends
131. Long travel
132. Peek-a-boo with Solomon
133. A tearful hug from an old friend
134. Sunshine warmth on a cold day

The harder I look, the easier it becomes to find the graces.
The discipline is changing me.
I am better for this exercise.
And I am more grateful for this life.

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