21 March 2012

Joy Dare: Week 11

It seems longer than 11 weeks of counting. I'm at the place where I'm outside more, eager to be in God's world and less eager to be in a book. Taking the time to write down my joys has been more challenging lately. But I have continued. I will pursue this for a year. I will spend 12 months journeying in joy. Nearly 3 of those months have passed. I can only imagine what is in store for the next 9.

227. Soft rolls
228. Wrapping arms around another
229. Baseball season coming round
230. A babbling creek
231. Birdsong
232. Finding community in silence
233. Kisses
234. Gifts
235. Broken bread
236. Having to share Ella
237. Temptations
238. Waiting for answers
239. New clothes for a growing girl
240. Windows down in the car - the "Pneuma" blowing in
241. Arms wrapped around her broken heart
242. Red kites
243. Red ribbons
244. Red reminders: you were bought with a price

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