21 May 2012

Joy Dare #12: Back on the Wagon


I will do this.
I will find 1000 things this year for which I am grateful.
Today's list comprises more than a week's worth.
It is 100 things.
It is that which was housed in my journal but not on the blog since March.

It feels good to get it on here.
To see that the gratitude continues to abound.
I believe that soon it will overflow even further.

For today, I continue to document God's graces in my life:

245. Perfectly grilled steak
246. Ice Cream
247. The crunch of a chip
248. Resonating comic strips
249. A clown war with Molly
250. Finley stories
251. Favorite Flavors
252. Girl Scout Cookies
253. New friends
254. Psalm 46:10
255. "Peace I leave with you"
256. "I will not leave you as orphans"
257. Charisse
258. Robyn
259. Marty
260. Bennie
261. Vacation granted
262. Whispered blessings
263. Easter songs
264. The writing of Ashley Judd
265. Van Gogh hanging in our bedroom
266. Fading flowers
267. First grade
268. Springtime
269. Mom
270. Celebrating her birth
271. All that she taught me
272. Marriage
273. Parenthood
274. All of life is relationship
275. Peace
276. Hope
277. Resurrection
278. Sprouting plants
279. Godspell
280. Finding new hiking grounds
281. Wind whipping
282. Family
283. Dreams of a future
284. Round soccer balls rolling
285. Round frisbees flying
286. Round wheels spinning
287. White fluffy clouds
288. White hydrangeas blooming
289. A reminder of a wedding bouquet
290. Little white flowers along the path
291. Reminiscing in pictures
292. A sister with phenomenal talent
293. The connectivity of the internet
294. A reason to search
295. Delving into the scriptures
296. Discussion
297. Secrets
298. Surprises
299. Anticipation
300. 20/20 Hindsight
301. This marvelous life
302. My husband's ridiculous laughter
303. A time to sing
304. A time to be silent
305. A time to write
306. A time to walk
307. A time to play
308. A time to rest
309. The simple title "Momma"
310. A deep and contended sigh
311. Music that soothes the soul
312. New babies
313. Anniversaries
314. Celebrating the love and joy of those I love and enjoy
315. Graduations
316. Lengthening days
317. Planning vacations
318. Finley's exploding vocabulary
319. Jack's giggle
320. Olivia's sass
321. The changes in Keaton post-surgery
322. A teacher who cares about my child
323. A district that allows me to have lunch with her
324. New hope
325. Movies and snuggle times
326. A weekend of staying home
327. Good friends we haven't seen in a long time
328. The drip of peach juice down my arm
329. Ella Faith and Ella Ruth
330. Sunshine through the shade
331. The tingle of sun-kissed skin
332. A healing wound on my little girl
333. Knowing the source and the Source of that which I eat
334. The Farmers Market
335. A husband's willingness to work on the hard things
336. His mind for detail
337. His attentiveness
338. Anticipating my parents' arrival
339. Baseball games
340.  Completed tasks
341. The offer to preach again
342. Small business owners
343. Local farmers
344. A tidy desk once again

It has been a good few months.

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