01 March 2012

Joy Dare: Week 8

I've been away this week.
But I have still been counting.
I just didn't get them posted on Monday, so you get more than a week's worth today.

168. Being caught in the rain
169. A new motivational tool
170. 1 300 year-old tree
171. A new doctor
172. A kind nurse
173. Creating a reward system
174. A perfectly old sweatshirt
175. Finding a new resolve
176. Having a back-up plan
177. Gorgeous mirrors
178. Katy's incredible eyes
179. A new little friend
180. A great conference
181. The concrete majesty of Atlanta
182. The old man on the train
183. Carie
184. Jim
185. James
186. Charlotte
187. Seeing the end of a rainbow
188. Raindrops on highways
189. A clean shower
190. Coming home

Travel is hard and exhausting and wonderful and rich.
Being home is the greatest source of Joy in all of my life.

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