27 February 2009

Technical Difficulties

Ummm... so it hasn't been a great day for blogger, gmail, and Erin. You'll notice (unless, like me, you only read on the reader) that the pretty background is gone, plus all of my cool little widgets on the sidebar, and a whole slew of my links. I'm not entirely sure what happened today but when I set out to create a different gmail account, the universe within my blogosphere exploded and this is where I'm left. If you have some expertise in these areas, please let me know. I need help!


A united method said...

I recently moved to a google apps platform, but my transition was seamless. email me and let me know if I can help. jack (at) unitedmethod (dot) com

sorry it was a rough day!

SpeasHill said...

I can't help you - but I can remind you to add Becca's blog back so you can see the (soon to be uploaded) pictures of Becca meeting my parents' new dog. Spoiler: he's sitting on her Bumbo tray.