29 March 2009

EH2ED #3

Another easy way to save the world today:

How often do you take those little scraps of paper and toss them in the trash? Or that soda can when the recycling bin just seems to far away?

Recycling is a habit.
And honestly, kids love it.
The things we throw in the landfills don't decompose (even the ones that should, like paper) because they're packed in there so tightly. The things we recycle don't get tossed there, so that's one less piece of trash in the landfills. Eventually, we're going to run out of room for our trash.
Set up bins in your house or garage, depending on your space, and teach your kids. Teach them to look for the number in the triangle on plastics (especially if you can only recycle certain plastics in your area). Teach them that caring for the earth is more than a trendy thing. It's being good stewards of the gift that we have been given by God. Recycling is as simple as throwing it away in the trash - it's just a specific "trash" can for each item.

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Deb said...

I've just been catching up on your EH2ED posts and love them! Thank you!!

Reading today's post I had an idea to share...it's not really an earth saving thing...but could be a life saving thing...

I live in an urban area with many homeless around. Each Wednesday night they go "canning"...sifting through the recycling bins for bottles and cans they can cash in. So, I've stopped putting items that have a CA cash redemption value in the bin, and instead set them aside, then on trash night, I put that bag of bottles and cans next to the recycling container to make it easier for those who are "Canning".