07 November 2011

A Seaon of Thanks: Day 7

One week into my new daily discipline, I find myself overcome with gratitude for the sunshine.

I know that for my friends with young children, Daylight Savings Time is a beast of an issue to get through. It messes the kids up!

But today I walked out of my home into the sunshine rather than into the darkness. On this seventh day of the eleventh month of the year, I was greeted with warmth, light, and a sense of hope. No longer did I have to leave my home in the dark each day, feeling like I was headed to work the midnight shift.

I felt rested because my mind finally believed I had gotten a full night's sleep. Today the sun is predicted to shine all day. Tomorrow is the same delicious sunshine, with temperatures gracing the edge of 70*. It is an incredible thing what the sunshine does for my soul.

Today, I intend to live with the same energy the sun gives to me. I will do my job well; I will commit to my activities; I will bring light and hope to those I encounter.

The days are coming when the sunshine will be less intense. The light will remain, but the warmth will be a distant memory. The darkness of winter will be upon us, and my soul will long for days like today and tomorrow. And so, I will not take this gift for granted. I will live remembering that this gift will soon fade for a season.

1 comment:

heather said...

Love this one! And love the sunshine too!!
Hope you have a great week, friend. :)