17 January 2012

Joy Dare, Week 2

The discipline of counting daily is changing me.
I am learning to stop, to consider the world around me.
I am learning to cherish these moments, for they are fleeting.
I am reminded that without the tears, the joys would go unnoticed.
I am reminded that this is a good life; a life worthy of our attentiveness.
I am choosing to give it to the Grace Giver.
I am choosing Gratitude.
And it is filling me with Joy.

28. The tang of a cherry
29. The way the chocolate on a healthy breakfast bar makes it taste like a treat
30. Baby carrots crunching
31. The flesh of an orange
32. Crisp new folders
33. Book-lined shelves
34. Fluffy white snowflakes
35. A warm, cozy office
36. Memories in frames
37. Silence
38. Ella's giggle
39. Shovels scraping away the snow
40. January birthdays
41. Alexander's new hands, so tiny and soft
42. Cousins playing together
43. A Mother necklace from Ella
44. A picture of all 4 great grandchildren
45. Shared tears over parenting struggles
46. Ella's delight in her own success
47. Finley's belly laugh
48. Papa's soothing "love pats" at naptime
49. A fantastic boss's honesty
50. Copprome orphanage
51. Rain-soaked streets

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