23 January 2012

Joy Dare: Week 3

The more I seek Joy, the easier it becomes to find it.
Yesterday I had the opportunity to absorb two "unrelated" sermons, using different texts, speaking different messages.
And yet, I heard only one.

Joy works the same way for me.
The more I am enmeshed in the practice of seeking Joy, the more it resonates together. The more different places I look, the more I find the same themes over and over again.

I find that which brings me True Joy, not just momentary happiness.
My prayer is that this month of searching diligently for Joy every day is teaching me about myself.
I pray it is teaching me where I go when I need to be recharged.
That it is telling me more than just that the Source is always God -- that God manifests in countless ways and my purpose now is to find the manifestations that stir my soul.

I am finding that.
Grace is being poured out on my soul.
Thus, hope is being rekindled.

52. "Remove the plank from your own eye."
53. "I will not leave you as orphans."
54. "Be still and know."
55. Food-packed shelves
56. A rain-free day
57. Friends through a mutual heart for adoption
58. The flecks in Ella's eyes
59. Fingerprints completely unique
60. The "extra" dimples in her cheeks - the tiny ones hidden near the crease of her smile
61. Giant, slow raindrops
62. Brilliant lightning
63. Ferocious storms
64. A safe shelter from the storms
65. No longer fearing the flood
66. "Learning to surf"
67. Throwing down the nets that bind
68. Worship
69. Round communion tables - a visual reminder of that which we teach every week
70. Freedom.

It is Grace that shakes loose the bindings on my soul.

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Amy said...

Love you list! Thanks for sharing