09 January 2012

Renewing a Commitment

I choose to begin again at 1.
Because this year will be different.
This year I will count - just three gifts a day - to 1000.

The graces from last year's attempts were significant, but this is a fresh start.
And so I begin with 1.

  1. A new commitment
  2. Health restored
  3. Compassion for those who are hurting
  4. The brisk, cold air
  5. A warm fireplace
  6. Soft, warm, rolls on a plate
  7. "Never Ever Give Up" uttered by a dying 12 year-old
  8. "Can I help?" spoken by a stranger
  9. "I love you, daddy" whispered by a daughter
  10. Sheri's laughter
  11. Alexander's new life
  12. Warm, sunny skies in January
  13. Reading The Dance of the Dissident Daughter
  14. Warm, sweet oatmeal
  15. Returning to a desk of good work after a long vacation
  16. The phone that makes the distances seem shorter
  17. The crisp, cold juice of an apple
  18. Ella's extra kisses as she climbed out of the car
  19. Finley's face on Skype
  20. A call from my dad
  21. An incredible gift from Chris
  22. Light gleaming below a baptismal bowl
  23. Sunlight through stained glass
  24. My dog lying in the shadow of mini-blind slats, warm and peaceful
  25. Warm tea in my hands
  26. Ben's computer expertise
  27. Walking with purpose

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